Icon of the Theotokos Axion Estin

The wondrous icon of the Theotokos “Axion Estin”

Size 90/63 cm

The Axion Estin (Αξιον εστιν), “It is truly meet,” is an icon of the Theotokos (Eleusa-style) located in the the Protaton, a church in the Karyes settlement of the famous Mount Athos in Greece, home to many ancient monastic communities.  The event which the icon takes it name from occurred in 980, so the icon was written sometime before then.

Detail Icon Axion Estin

The name of the icon comes from the opening words of a Marian hymn in the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.  Up until this famous event, the hymn only included the latter half, starting at “More honourable than the Cherubim,” which was written in the late 700s by St. Cosmas the Hymnographer, foster-brother of St. John Damascene.

Detail Icon Axion Estin

Iconographer – Liviu Dumitrescu

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