Painting class

Icon painting on wood panel class for beginners (adults and children) in Bucharest

Curs de pictura icoana pe lemn pentru incepatori

The class starts when at least 5 persons have signed up and is destined for both children and adults  who want to learn how to paint an icon. It is structured in 8 meetings of 2 hours each. During this class, you will finish painting an icon on wood panel.

  • The painting class includes: 1. basic theoretical notions about icons, their symbolism and the painting technique. 2. practice: a) choosing the model and executing the drawing/transfer;  b) preparing the panel for gilding; c) gilding with gold leaf; d) applying the pictorial layer – proplasma for the garments – the drawing – applying the highlights on the garments in overlapped tones  – the writing. The portrait: application of – proplasma, -semicarnation, – carnation, – ruddiness, – accents; e) varnishing. The icons will follow the byzantine painting hermeneia and will be painted in the traditional technique with tempera and egg emulsion.

After this module, participants can continue and learn more about byzantine icons painted on panel: how to choose a suitable wood board, applying the clay, applying the canvas and the gesso primer (preparing multiple types of ground, including toned/colored primer), polishing the primer, executing the drawing and composition, gilding with gold leaf and using multiple types of mistion, studying proplasma (compact, vibrated), studying the lines of the drawing as an element of pictorial language, garments study, highlights study, study of other elements encountered in an icon (mountains, vegetation, buildings, etc.), perspective study, portrait/expression study, studying the elements of the face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, beard, etc), chromatics: color, non-colors, color dab, tetrachromia, the dominant, chromatic and achromatic mixes, physical mixing, optical mixing, substractive mixing, chromatic contrasts (contrast of the colors, contrast of dark-light or chiarroscuro, warm-cold contrast, complementary contrast, saturation contrast, simultaneous contrast), harmony and chromatic agreement, pictorial composition study.

  • On demand, I can do training for highschool/faculty/masters admission.
  • Below are 3 of the icons painted at a previous class. The authors had no previous contact with painting and people of various backgrounds participated (jurists, programmers, University teachers, stewardess etc.), who managed to assimilate the information and put it admirably into practice.
  • Private painting class

This is an intensive class done during a few days. Days and timing are scheduled jointly.

Icoana realizata la cursul in privat
Icon made at the private class

On demand, I can also organise other classes on various techniques:ICON PAINTING ON GLASS WORKSHOP (children/adults) – CANVAS PAINTING CLASS (children/adults) – MOSAIC CLASS (children/adults) – FRESCO/MURAL CLASS (children/adults). After these modules, coursants will be able to participate and expose in various galleries and art fairs. A hobby can become a passion and turn into a carreer.

Liviu Dumitrescu (2)

The class will be held by Liviu Dumitrescu, a member of the Union of Figurative Artists in Romania.

  • For enrollment and details please fill in the contact form or call 0767328169