Byzantine Icon in mosaic technique mosaic christ pantocrator


The mosaic represents the face of Jesus Christ.

The size is: 30/40 cm.

  • Can be ordered in different iconographic representations realized in mosaic technique. mosaic for saleThe esthetic of this art is conditioned by the nature of the material used and by the special technique of mosaic. The mosaic favorizes by its very nature a closed conture line and solve the shapes to a clear surface. Its bright light glorifies the immaterial and spiritual content of the image. mosaic icon jesus christ Regarding the human face rendering, the most intense symbolic character is realized by the frontal representation. The fixed gaze of unusually big eyes, invests with greatness, solemnity and sacrality.The magnificence of the byzantine mosaic technique is represented by the brighting vitality of the images. It uses the curvatures with a slight inclination to the light sources and to the bottom.

The oldest byzantine mosaic is in San Vitale Ravenna, a basilica  from the VI th century (the age of Iustinian emperor)

The mosaic answers to the requirements of the art whose mission is to evoke the spiritual essences, using some figurative representations to obtain purified forms of everything that could remember closely the human flesh.

Mosaics from Saint Marco Basilica, Venice 

The role of this basilica is to bring the Divine light into the human conscience, transpoused in human matter by the technique used. In this way it brings a monumental touch to the painting that integrates building space. Mosaic has its roots in antiquity, especially used to decorate the floors.

Chora Mosaic – Constantinopole

San Clemente Mosaic- Roma