St. George church is located in the village Kurbinovo, on the slopes of the Mount Pelister near the blue waters of Lake Prespa. The small and charming single-nave church of St. George, dates from 1191. The fresco-painting is from the period of its foundation and represents a true masterpiece of Byzantine painting from the 12th century.

Mural painting Kurbinovo Macedonia (23)

The fundamental feature of the Kurbinovo master-painter’s composite style is that he achieved expressiveness through superior refinement. The drapery and the lines take the precedence in the expression. The figures’ internal world reflects in the unrestrained dance of the folds. The faces remain composed. The bodies assume celestial proportions. The crowd melts. The figures are elongated and strikingly slim. The obvious ideal to achieve disembodiment and a balance between ultimate elegance and ultimate expressiveness has been achieved immaculately.

The interior of this small and on the outside homely church contains some of the most valuable murals in Eastern Christian art. Their thematic-iconographic and stylistic features legitimise the authors, presumed to have been two, as being highly theologically educated and as having superior talent.

Mural painting Kurbinovo Macedonia (1)
Church Kurbinovo