Saint Anthim the Iberian

Icon Saint Anthim the Iberian

Anthim the Iberian was a Georgian theologian, scholar, calligrapher, philosopher and one of the greatest ecclesiastic figures of Wallachia, founder of the first printing press in Romania, and Metropolitan of Bucharest in 1708-1715.

Icon Saint Anthim the Iberian

Anthim was taken prisoner by Ottoman Empire troops, and took orders in Istanbul, while living on the compounds of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. In 1689 or 1690, he was asked to settle in Wallachia by Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu, and was given charge of the newly founded printing press in Bucharest.

Icon Anthim the Iberian
Detail icon of the Anthim Iberian

Anthim’s overt opposition to Ottoman tutelage over Wallachia made him an adversary of the Phanariote regime. The new PrinceNicholas Mavrocordatos imprisoned him, and subsequently exiled him to Mount Sinai. Anthim was captured by the Ottomans while he was taking the trip, and assassinated somewhere in modern-day Bulgaria (his body would have been discarded in the Maritsa or theTundzha.

Icon Saint Anthim the Iberian

Iconographer – Liviu Dumitrescu

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